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Meet our SACNAS Team!

Executive Board Members


Miguel Lopez. – President

Biomedical Sciences Graduate Student


Melisa Diaz – Vice President

1st year PhD student – School of Earth Sciences

“My research focuses on polar geochemistry, particularly in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica. I love cold places, chemistry, and earth science, therefore my work is reflective of these interests.”





Melissa Solano- Treasurer


Wilson Flores – Secretary


Na’Imah Rawls – Communications Officer

Environmental Science Undergraduate Student

“I am an Environmental Science major and my specialization is Molecular Sciences. I am graduating in the Spring of 2018 and I hope to work for the Center for Disease Control.”





Gaby Torrini – Social Media Coordinator


Liane Davila-Martin – Webmaster

Public Health (Epidemiology) Graduate Student

“¡Hola! I’m from Mayagüez, Puerto Rico and I’m a 2nd year MPH Student specializing in Epidemiology. As an undergrad, I was involved in neuroscience research looking at the influences of social interaction on disease outcome and the behavioral effects of chemotherapy. However, that cancer research experience made me realize my passion lies in infectious disease research and this past summer I collaborated on a project in Madrid, Spain, studying leishmaniasis (epidemic zoonotic disease caused by a protozoa parasite, transmitted by female sand flies).”


Mike Lopez – Outreach Chair


Liz Hoskins – Graduate Recruitment Chair

PhD Candidate in the Department of EEOB

“I am a 6th year PhD candidate in the department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology. I work in the Animal Behavior and Ecology Complex Systems Lab, lead by Dr. Ian Hamilton. Using experimental methods, I look at how social dominance and animal personality influences cognition in African cichlid fish. In addition, I use computer models to look at how information, such as a novel food source, moves throughout a group.”



Wilson Flores & Silvana Garcia – Undergraduate Recruitment Chairs



Marcela Hernández, PhD

Graduate and STEM Diversity Director


Yolanda Zepeda

Assistant Vice Provost – Office of Diversity and Inclusion

As an Assistant Vice Provost, she leads targeted services for students of color designed to promote access to college, retention and academic success. Student groups served include underrepresented students, single parent students, students in STEM, and Latinx students. Yolanda also works to disseminate diversity and inclusion practices across the campus and leads training workshops on inclusive faculty hiring. Ms. Zepeda is committed to nurturing a supportive climate for Latinx students on campus and fostering university engagement in the central Ohio Latinx community. Toward this goal, she manages the production of the student-led magazine ¿Qué Pasa, Ohio State? and launched a partnership with WOSU to support greater visibility of Latinxs in community media.






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