Newtown tragedy

Some of the news reports have focused on the need to improve public health so that those who suffer from various kinds of mental illness can receive better treatment.  I certainly agree on the importance of everyone, including those with mental illness, receiving high quality health care. But I would also note that it is important that we ask ourselves how we, as members of society, help construct disability through our response to those who we perceive as “different.”

New Review of my book, Disabled Education (NYU Press forthcoming 2013)

“A shocking, important, and even frightening book that unveils the mistreatment of disabled learners seeking an appropriate education in public school settings. We meet innocent children and desperate parents trying to navigate an entrenched bureaucratic and uncaring educational system that is further enabled by inept hearing officers who turn a deaf ear to the needs of the children and to the law. A must read for parents, educators, policy-makers and anyone who cares about the future of education in America. Scientific knowledge has progressed too far to accept this shameful treatment of children from all backgrounds and socio-economic groups; this book is a wake-up call for up-dating policies, procedures and laws affecting children who struggle in school.”
-Sally Shaywitz, MD, author of Overcoming Dyslexia

Access to Justice

These are slides I recently presented at a conference for Ohio state court judges on how to improve access to justice for individuals with disabilities.  Hopefully, others will find them useful. I have to upload them one at a time due to limits with my server.