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Overhead shot of a dinner table showing hands serving and passing Mexican food including tacos, beans, carnitas, habanero, salsa
Image by Carlos David

Never assume an image does not require attribution.  If you’re going to include an image, create your own or find images that are labeled for reuse. You must check the re-use restrictions on each image you find.  You can use advanced settings in Google, Flickr, Bing, or Yahoo to filter by license.

For every image that you include, you should also include alt text. Learn more about why and how to include alt text.

These are my go-to sites when putting together presentations. You’ll notice, I have a tendency toward health related images. Dig in!

Ohio State Resources


Icons or graphics

Video and audio

National Institutes of Health


  • Creative Commons Search
  • MorgueFile – do be careful here, it’s not always clear which images are free and available for reuse, and which are paid and restricted


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