Fall into nutrition informatics

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Happy fall y’all!  We’re well into fall semester, and ’tis the season for guest lectures.  At least it is for me.  I’ve presented in three courses this fall, and today I’m talking with the dietetic interns in the Human Nutrition program.  Rather than post my slides, I’m posting my links.  Because if you’ve seen my slides, you know they’re chock full of links anyway.

For the #RD2Be’s out there, you’ll need to meet this competency to qualify to take the RD exam-

Upon completion of the supervised practice, graduates are able to use current informatics technology to develop, store, retrieve and disseminate information and data.

For more information about developing nutrition information and data:

For more information about coding and storing data using standards and terminologies:

And for storing data safely:

Great places to retrieve health and nutrition data:

Looking to disseminate health and nutrition data? Follow these pros:

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Debunking Nutrition Myths

Today I have the pleasure of presenting to Central College Presbyterian Church members on the topic of nutrition myths.  My presentation is loaded with links to more information, so what better place to put those links than on the internet.  Here are the links that I used in creating my presentation, as well as my recommendations for reliable resources.






Blogs written by dietitians:

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Health and Rehabilitation Sciences 4300 – Health Promotion Through Technology

Many thanks to the students of HRS 4300 for having me in class today.  I used Prezi for my presentation, which is a great tool for presentations when you want something a little a lot different from PowerPoint.  If you’re a student, definitely sign up with your .edu email address here–  you’ll get more features for free.

If you want to learn Prezi, head to the Digital Union so you can log on to Lynda.com to watch this tutorial.  Or, check out my presentation below:


Medical Dietetics 1100 – Careers in Dietetics

I’m happy to be presenting to Medical Dietetics 1100 today, a class on careers in dietetics.  Though I’m a dietitian who works in research, I think there is tremendous value in participating in research no matter what your career goals are.  Here are the links to get involved with research as an undergraduate at Ohio State:

Or, if you’re a grad student, check out the Hayes Graduate Research Forum

And if you want to volunteer to participate in a research study (go you!) check out Research Match and Study Search.