How-to Google Docs

Suddenly using Google Docs to work with others?  Rather than recreate the wheel, I will point you to the pros in how-to guides,

Google Docs Logo

And honestly they have so, so many great guides.  Check out the search results for “Google Docs” on their site here.

Off campus library access

Having trouble finding the full text of articles?  The university library has access to a wealth of information, but if you’re off campus, there are a couple extra clicks to get there.

If you go to the library website and see the following, click the red icon next to Off Campus

image of library page when off campus

It will redirect you to the single sign-on page, and then back to the library home page.  Now you have access to everything just as if you were on campus!

library page signed in

How-to Zoom: an ongoing guide

Zoom (called CarmenZoom at Ohio State) is a web conferencing tool like WebEx or any other you’ve already used.  Zoom was adopted by the university this past fall, and it’s straightforward to use for audio-only or audio and video meetings.  Up to 300 people can attend a single Zoom meeting, and participants can view the meeting from any device.  You can share your screen, your webcam, or both simultaneously.

Download my ever-evolving Zoom Quick Start Guide v7

Watch a two minute Zoom recording here

Get up and running:

  1. Test Zoom on your device
  2. Login to CarmenZoom
  3. Download Zoom for any device or operating system

Zoom tutorials:

Other fun things with Zoom

Office of Distance Education and eLearning


How-to Google Slides

This one’s for you, MEDDIET 4925! Google Slides logo

While I’m far more proficient in Microsoft PowerPoint, I’m fully cognizant that students may prefer to use Google Slides.  And why not?  It’s easy to collaborate in a Google document, and it’s free.  I’ve just been using PowerPoint for so, so long.  But if Google Slides is your thing, I know exactly where you should go- This is my go-to site when I need easy to follow step-by-step guides (with pictures!) to doing something with technology.  They have so much to share, but here’s a roundup of their articles on Google Slides:


App recommendation: Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan iconEver taken a photo of a document so you don’t lose the details?  I have- I’ve got the invite to an upcoming birthday party on my phone, because my toddler adores the invitation itself and I have no idea where it’s hiding. Taking a picture of text preserves the information, but doesn’t make the information searchable.  When you need to reference more than the date and time of a party, use Adobe Scan for iPad® and iPhone®.



App store iconLaunch the Apple App Store on  your device and search for “Adobe Scan”
Tap GETAdobe scan in app store
Once downloaded, open the app.  You’ll need to sign in with your OSU name.#, though it isn’t immediately obvious how to do that.  Because the university provides this resource for all faculty, staff, and students, your is your Adobe ID.  Tap on Already have an Adobe ID? Sign in or sign upAdobe Scan launch screen


Type your OSU and then tap Continue Adobe scan sign in pageYou’ll be redirected to OSU’s single sign on page.  You know what to do there!
When you return to the app, you’ll need to grant Adobe Scan permission to access the camera. This is crucial- the app needs to access the camera to function.  Tap OK app permission screen

Adobe Scan will also ask to send you notifications.  Whether or not you allow notifications is entirely up to you.

You’re set!  As the app suggests, just tap on the screen and Adobe Scan will take the picture for you. Adobe Scan at work
If Adobe Scan doesn’t detect the borders the way you want, you can adjust them. Touch and hold the blue circles or rectangles to adjust the borders.  Tap Continue when you’re done editing the borders.  Note, you can rotate the image later if you need to. how to crop an image


When you’re done taking photos, tap the small icon in the bottom right corner.  The number represents the number of images you have captured.

Now you can add pages, reorder your images, crop, rotate, clean up, or delete a page before you save the file. Edit the filename by tapping on the pencil next to the date- in this image, it’s Scan Nov 14, 2019editing your scan


That’s it! You can continue to create documents by tapping on the camera icon in the bottom right corner.scan complete
To move the file to Box or any other app, tap the Share icon and then select Share a Copy which pops up at the bottom of the screen after you tap the Share icon.share a copy


Adobe Scan is great for scanning:

  • receipts for reimbursement
  • documents that require a signature
  • meeting notes
  • any paper copy of a document that you want students to access
  • the cover of instruction manuals or product guides that you probably don’t need, but don’t want to just throw away