Example videos

Here are some videos I’ve made for past courses. You don’t need to watch the whole thing, but each was recorded in a different way.  These may help you get ideas for creating content for your courses.  All of these videos are hosted in Mediasite, with the visibility set to Everyone.

Link validation in Carmen

This video was recorded with Mediasite Screencast + Audio

Video (2 minutes)


This video was made with screen recording on an iPad.

Video (3 minutes)

Push up test

This video was made with the rear facing camera on an iPad, and the audio was added later with iMovie. You could just as easily do this with an iPhone.

Video (48 seconds)

Pitting Edema

This video just uses the rear camera on the iPad.  That’s it. Any smartphone would work too.

Video (36 seconds)

Sensitivity and Specificity

This video was made with the Explain EDU app on an iPad.

Video (5 minutes)

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