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This one’s for you, MEDDIET 4925! Google Slides logo

While I’m far more proficient in Microsoft PowerPoint, I’m fully cognizant that students may prefer to use Google Slides.  And why not?  It’s easy to collaborate in a Google document, and it’s free.  I’ve just been using PowerPoint for so, so long.  But if Google Slides is your thing, I know exactly where you should go- This is my go-to site when I need easy to follow step-by-step guides (with pictures!) to doing something with technology.  They have so much to share, but here’s a roundup of their articles on Google Slides:


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  1. Good day! Very interesting information.I’ve been told that working on a Google Doc is easy, but I still want a professional approach. Who knows more options in order to make a powerful presentation in a short time.

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