MD 1100 – Careers in Dietetics

Last year I presented to Medical Dietetics 1100, and wouldn’t you know I get to do it all again this year.  Here’s my Prezi from today.

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And the ever necessary link round up:

HRS 4914 – Group Education Process in Healthcare

I’m delighted to be presenting to dietetic and health science students today, and as ever, my presentation is chock full of links.  Here’s all the info for anyone looking for more information from today.

When looking for images, there’s a big difference between websites like and

Best practice is to understand copyright, look for media with creative commons licenses, and always give attribution to the author/creator.

If you’re wanting to learn more tips and tricks while a student at OSU, your best bet is the Digital Union. I recommend the location in Prior Hall.

And be sure you’re getting all the software you can while a student, by checking out the Office of the Chief Information Officer IT info for students.



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Using Media in Education

Videos can be a terrific way to convey nutrition information.  I made this video a few years ago to show how we were teaching informatics to dietetics students at the time:

Here’s what I used to put it together:

The only constant is change, and now I’m using this video to help teach about making videos. For example, I was careful to make sure that all elements of my video followed the rules of copyright, and that I gave credit where credit was due.