Fall into nutrition informatics

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Happy fall y’all!  We’re well into fall semester, and ’tis the season for guest lectures.  At least it is for me.  I’ve presented in three courses this fall, and today I’m talking with the dietetic interns in the Human Nutrition program.  Rather than post my slides, I’m posting my links.  Because if you’ve seen my slides, you know they’re chock full of links anyway.

For the #RD2Be’s out there, you’ll need to meet this competency to qualify to take the RD exam-

Upon completion of the supervised practice, graduates are able to use current informatics technology to develop, store, retrieve and disseminate information and data.

For more information about developing nutrition information and data:

For more information about coding and storing data using standards and terminologies:

And for storing data safely:

Great places to retrieve health and nutrition data:

Looking to disseminate health and nutrition data? Follow these pros:

I couldn’t decide which autumn themed picture to use. So here’s another one!

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