Freshman Year in Review (2016/2017)

This year was exciting, challenging, and motivating. For a while it seemed as if freshman year would go on forever, especially during the many hours I spent in open lab for my engineering robot project, but now it seems like it flew by. I am a Computer Science and Engineering major and I completed the Fundamentals of Engineering Honors curriculum this year. I completed the robot project on a team of four students, where we programmed and built a robot capable of completing a series of small tasks. I helped build and wire the robot, did all of the programming, and completed most of the extensive documentation for the project. I learned that the logical thinking of programming appeals to me, especially harder tasks that require math and solving problems. It was a great learning experience that solidified my desire to work in computer science engineering someday.

Gaining the skills to program a robot to navigate a variety of tasks was a highlight of my academic year and I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge next year with a research project in computer security and cryptography. I plan to pursue the honors research distinction designation as well as the joint BS/MS degree program. I will also be looking for an internship for the summer of 2018.

Outside of my classes I had many wonderful experiences. In September, I was asked by the Keep America Beautiful organization to be a featured speaker at their annual fundraising event. They flew me to New York City where I spent the day sightseeing, and that evening I addressed a large audience of America’s top CEO’s. I spoke about inspiring today’s teens to volunteerism, with a focus on environmental issues. It was a fantastic experience that allowed me to make new connections while contributing to an important cause.

On campus, I got involved in the Ohio State chapter of the Society of Women Engineers and the Students for a Sustainable Campus organization. Near the end of autumn semester I was selected as a class of 2020 representative on the Eminence Fellows Council.

Our Eminence Fellows student organization began taking shape in the spring semester. We performed research, had guest speakers, and started developing the goals for our group. Also during spring semester, I contributed to several Eminence activities. In addition to class representative, I participated in our annual symposium, fostered communication among class members, and attended the networking event and dinner for the class of 2021 Eminence Fellow interview weekend.

This summer I will expand my cultural knowledge through participation in the OSU Engineering Study Abroad trip to Greece. Upon my return, I will work for National Junior Tennis and Learning, sharing my love of tennis while teaching life skills to urban youth in Indianapolis, my hometown.

I had many great experiences during my freshman year, from academics, to student organizations, to learning more about my goals and aspirations. Next year I am looking forward to more challenging experiences in software programming, to a research experience in cyber security, and to working closely with the Eminence Fellows on our student organization.