Raytheon Internship

I was a software engineering intern at Raytheon the summer after my sophomore year at OSU. I was on a team that maintained and tested simulation software for mission planning, situational awareness, training, and software support for the V-22 Osprey aircraft. I was also part of the Xtern program, a selective community of interns working at top tech companies in Indianapolis.

Engineering Education Research

I am currently an Undergraduate Research Assistant for the Department of Engineering Education at Ohio State, and I am working with Dr. Kecskemety on a project involving first-year engineering coding education. My contribution to this project involves parsing first-year engineering student Software Design Project programs to analyze the number of good and bad coding practices in two different versions of the project, an IR detector and a game design project. I am writing a program in Python to analyze these student projects for the number of lines of code, comments, loops and conditionals, nested loops and conditionals, input/output statements, user-defined functions, bad coding practices, and other information to determine the effectiveness of the assignment for student learning. I am also involved in writing a paper for this project, which will hopefully be published. I am very excited about this opportunity, and I am really enjoying the work I am doing in my research group.

Enlighten Year 2

This year our Eminence Class of 2020 service project, Enlighten, has made significant progress. We are an anti-human trafficking organization dedicated to creating a culture of compassion towards human trafficking survivors at Ohio State University and in the city of Columbus. I have recently been elected as Co-President of Enlighten along with Becca Weiss, a mechanical engineering major who has been passionate about the issue of human trafficking for many years.

This year, Enlighten has solidified its three main goals. The first goal is to raise awareness of human trafficking at Ohio State, and foster compassion and understanding about the issue. This is accomplished primarily through hosting awareness events on campus. The second goal of Enlighten involves outreach to trafficking victims in the Columbus area. This includes street outreach involving distributing information, donating sanitary products and other items, and helping victims with other various needs. Outreach also involves mobilizing volunteers to work with local anti human trafficking nonprofits, and facilitating group activities for women in local human trafficking rehabilitation programs. One such program in Columbus Enlighten hopes to partner with is called CATCH Court, and women in this program get safe housing, counseling, treatment, and close supervision instead of jail time. The third goal of Enlighten is legal advocacy. This involves distributing information on and supporting fair housing for victims of human trafficking who have criminal records, and mobilizing groups of students to support new human trafficking legislation. Enlighten also hopes to organize advocacy days at the statehouse and write petitions to advocate for survivor rights.

We held a number of successful events this year. One of these events was sponsored by the national anti-human trafficking organization S.O.A.P., and the event involved getting passersby on the Ohio State oval to label bars of soap with the national human trafficking hotline number. These labeled bars of soap were then distributed free of cost to at-risk hotels and motels in the Columbus area. We also hosted an awareness event involving giving out buttons and our organization information to students, and partnered with other organizations on campus to host two human trafficking documentary screenings. In addition, we held an outreach event this year that involved hanging up informative posters in Columbus. This was in preparation for a large event that would bring a lot of people into the city, which is known to increase human trafficking rates. For this event, we worked with a local nonprofit, Freedom a la Cart, and also handed out sanitary products, snacks, and information to trafficked women on the street in Columbus.

I am very excited about the progress Enlighten has made this year, and I am proud to be a member and leader in this organization.

Eminence Fellows Council 2018

I am pleased to have been reelected to my position as Class Representative for the Class of 2020 Eminence Fellows for the 2018 year. In this role so far, I have accomplished a lot and made connections with many Eminence Fellows from other classes. So far, here are the things I have accomplished in this position:

  • Organized welcome week activities for incoming freshmen including a scavenger hunt, a schedule walk with upperclassmen, a fall meeting, and an ice breaker event before the Honors Welcome event.
  • Writing and sending out the Eminence bi-weekly newsletter.
  • Gave a presentation to Freshmen on the e-portfolio and assisted them with their own pages.
  • Organized multiple social events including the first Eminence Fellows Tennis Tournament and a Chill n’ Chat event in the spring, which were attended by Fellows representing all four classes.
  • Served as an ambassador for interview weekend.

One of the most important parts of being on the Fellows Council is the advisory role we take to try to improve the Eminence Program. This is the part of the Council I have enjoyed the most along with being able to interact with Fellows from other classes. I am very excited to continue in this position and work to make the program even better.

Enlighten Year 1

As a part of the Eminence Fellows program, I am working along with 26 of my classmates to create a service project to solve a problem in Columbus. Although our organization is still very new, we have made significant progress this year and have decided to address the issue of human trafficking. Rates of human trafficking in Ohio are some of the highest in the country, and the more I learn about the issue the more passion I have for helping victims and survivors. I am looking forward to growing our organization next year and finding a way to make a difference in this area as a group.

The mission of Enlighten is to reduce human trafficking and create a culture of compassion for survivors of human trafficking. Enlighten combats human trafficking and supports survivors in central Ohio by raising awareness among students and community members through media, education, and advocacy.


Keep America Beautiful Vision Dinner Speaker

I have been involved with Keep America Beautiful, a national environmental nonprofit dedicated to improving and beautifying community environments, for over three years now, and I am excited to continue my involvement with them this year as an Ohio State student. I am honored to have been chosen as the featured youth speaker for the Keep American Beautiful national fundraising dinner in New York City in October, 2016. I spoke to over 300 CEOs and business professionals at the event to discuss the importance of involving youth in environmental causes.

After this experience, I was mentioned in Keep America Beautiful’s quarterly newsletter for my contribution to the event.

I am also honored to have been recognized by OSU honors and scholars through a Student Spotlight on my experience.