Effective Teamwork

I am on the Marketing and Communications committee for BuckeyeThon, a student-run organization at OSU that raises money for the Oncology, Hematology, and BMT department at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  My role on the BuckeyeThon team is Photography Coordinator, so I make sure that there are plenty of photographers at all of our events and then I organize the pictures and video footage in order use them in Marketing and Promotional material.  I also work with the other members of my committee to promote BuckeyeThon around campus and the Columbus community.  My committee is part of the larger BuckeyeThon team, consisting of six committees, and we work together to raise as much money as possible for the families at Nationwide, and put on amazing events for the kids and for the OSU community.

There is an Advancement committee that works on the short and long term goals of BuckeyeThon.  They work with the directors of the committees in order to ensure the needs of the committee are met.  I give my input to the director of my committee and she works with the Advancement committee to put those goals in place.  It is then my job as the Photography coordinator to make sure that I am meeting those goals relevant to my position, and that I am helping my committee overall to meet our goals.

Most of our deadlines are determined by the date of the event we are working on, but my director has the final say on my deadlines.  Usually, my goal is to have the photographers lined up at least a week before the event, and then the day of the event make sure that all the equipment needed is there at least 5 hrs before the start of the event.  Because our projects are on such a large scale, for example a 24 hr dance marathon for more than 6,000 OSU students, it is critical that every person on the team accomplishes their individual tasks, and then assists others with accomplishing their tasks.  Because most of my job is organizing and sorting footage after the event, I am able to assist in many other tasks to make sure our events run smoothly.

One issue that we often run into, because we do put on such large events, and everyone has very specific tasks, is that sometimes important tasks are overlooked and no one was assigned to do that task.  It is my job as well as other team members that have already accomplished their tasks, to take on these missing pieces and ensure that they are completed.

Overall, BuckeyeThon is a well-oiled machine.  By splitting such a huge organization into smaller committees and assigning each team member a specific role, it ensures that everyone has a job to do and can be held responsible if this job is not completed.  Furthermore, everyone in BuckeyeThon is extremely passionate about raising money for the kids at Nationwide, which makes it very easy to work with them because they share my passion and my willingness to put in the work for this amazing organization.