As a Christian, service has always been a huge part of my life.  It benefits others and often led me to personal growth.  I loved doing service with my youth group and church.  In high school, I also did service with clubs like FCS, NHS, and Key Club.

At Ohio State there are many service opportunities I would love to get involved with.  As a pre-med student, I would really like to go volunteer at a hospital.  I am also interested in volunteering with animals or even just doing things on campus to make others’ day a little better or put a smile on their face.


I’ve always found myself to be drawn to leadership positions.  Throughout high school I was a french club officer, a Bible study leader within my youth group at church, a counselor at 4-H camp, and a member of the Ross County Junior Fair Board.

At Ohio State I would love to find a leadership position, whether it be within my scholars group eventually, a church, or some other organization.

Academic Enrichment

I have always had high expectations for myself, especially in the area of academics.  To help with my academics, I have timed into my schedule study intervals throughout the day.  When I have a test coming up, I figure out what days to spend reviewing certain materials.  I would love to see my study habits result in a good GPA.

Original Inquiry

The only way to further technology and science is to think in a new and original way.  As a scholars student on a pre-med track, this category is very important to me.

When I hear “original inquiry,” I automatically think of research.  As an Ohio State student, I have the great fortune of this school’s many opportunities to get involved in research.  I would love to do undergraduate research on something I find myself passionate about!

Global Awareness

I think as a student, and even as a citizen of the world, global awareness is very important.  Being globally aware can open your eyes to the problems of the world and how you, as an individual, can contribute to changing the world for the better.  It can also allow you to make connections with people you may not expect to have anything in common with.

I really hope during my time at Ohio State to get involved in one of the many study abroad opportunities.  I studied French all 4 years of high school, and am continuing my education in the language now.  I think it would be a tremendous experience to use my french education to go to a francophone country and learn more about their cultures.

Welcome to the Wilds

On September 25th, I had an opportunity to go on a tour of The Wilds with my scholars group as well as some health science scholars.  We got to see amazing things, learn and lot, and just have a blast with our fellow scholars.

Here’s a nifty video I made of the day:

Watch Video

Why Cardio?

Incentives of the Heart

The above link is to an essay I wrote my senior year of high school.  It chronicles my contemplation of careers, as well as my conclusion to pursue cardiothoracic surgery.  No, I didn’t get a perfect score, but I’ve never been more proud of an essay assignment; it truly captures why I want to work towards a career in cardio.