My name is Ross Tamburro. I’m an Educational Technologist at The Ohio State University in the Office of Distance Education and eLearning (ODEE) on the Distance Education team. I work primarily with our team’s instructional designers to help bring multimedia innovation to the courses within our fully online degree programs. This includes establishing foundational multimedia processes and strategies and producing interactive multimedia/video projects to drive forward our Multimedia Advancement Initiative.

My journey at Ohio State began in the fall of 2014 as a first-year journalism student. I eventually developed an interest in the media/production side of journalism and took on local internships with Time Warner Cable SportsChannel and WSYX ABC 6 to dive into this interest a bit more, all while doing some traditional, on-the-ground print journalistic work for The Lantern on the side.

All of this work led to me joining the Distance Education team as a student in the fall of 2016, initially focusing on video and course quality work. As our need for interactive multimedia projects grew, I developed skills in multimedia production and began to learn core principles of using multimedia online courses. After graduating with a BA in Journalism in the spring of 2017, I was able to transition into a full-time, associate educational technologist position to continue this work.

Since joining the team full time, my main goal has been to promote interactivity as a core component of our course design process. Building up foundational processes and strategies was at the forefront of this and continues to be an ongoing part of my work, but I’ve also gotten the change to produce some fairly robust and rich interactive projects from the ground up – projects that have proved to be meaningful to the students that we serve. Today, I continue to be apart of driving forward our Multimedia Advancement Initiative and look for innovative ways to make the Ohio State Online student experience as meaningful and inclusive as possible.

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