I started this panel of bricks that is about my size, I feel by the end of the week I could have it finished. I’m considering also adding a “nailed” or “taped” drawing or image to it as well to keep with the other theme of the wall pieces. i just wanted to try something other than just a white wall for a while.

I am really interested in the shape that this tape is taking in relation to the wall and the singular green mark up on this wood wall, I’m really thinking about taking a day and creating a mass of studies of just singular tape rather than huge depictions of it.

this is a finished oil on paper piece, I am creating a few of these to insert hopefully into senior show to mix with the canvas and panels. 

Project 1

so for my recent project, I’m continuing down my path of observation from life, and from these photos and real-life I am taking an abstracted angle building off the canvas of these images of this particular fire hydrant