The Ohio State University

In progress. Megan Lindstrom, Ph.D. (Geography)

In progress. Anisa Klein, Ph.D. (Geography)

In progress. Yun Ye, Ph.D. (Epidemiology)

2020. Katherine Wright, MPH (Epidemiology)

2019. Claire Jones, M.A. (Geography)

2017. Tyler Gorham, Ph.D. (Environmental Health Sciences), Topic: Investigation of cyanobacterial blooms as an environmental risk factor for various cancer types

2016. Emelie Bailey, M.A. (Geography)

University of Colorado Boulder

2016. Joshua Rodd, Ph.D. (Geography), Topic: Politics, Health and Space: The Cases of Two Refugee Communities and their Neighboring Communities in Uganda.

2016. Chris Jochem, Ph.D. (Geography), Topic: Social and Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Arsenic Exposure and Respiratory Effects in Bangladesh.

2015. Jamie Humphrey, Ph.D. (Geography), Topic: Local contextual effects on mental and behavioral disorders during elementary and middle school: A life course perspective.