Geographic Analysis in Cholera Vaccine Trials


Vaccine Coverage in the Matlab Study Area

This project developed spatial analytical and social network analysis methods for vaccine trials and disease transmission modeling. Using data from a community-based, individually randomized oral cholera vaccine trial conducted in Matlab, Bangladesh in 1985, this study uses social network analysis software, geographic information systems (GIS), and satellite remote sensing technologies to examine the effects of social and environmental connectivity on cholera transmission dynamics.  These methods helped determine: (1) how placebo incidence and protective efficacy (PE) vary within social networks; (2) how placebo incidence and PE vary spatially by different environmental contexts; and (3) how spatial, environmental, and social network information can be used simultaneously to assess the effectiveness of vaccines and disease risk.


Digitized Ponds from Remotely Sensed Image, Matlab, Bangladesh

This project was in collaboration with:
Dr. Michael Emch, Department of Geography, UNC at Chapel Hill.