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Romanticism @ OSU is comprised of graduate students and faculty at The Ohio State University interested in the 18th- and 19th-century literary, artistic, philosophical, political, social, theological, scientific, technological, and cultural developments that we now include under the aegis of “Romanticism.” Members from all departments and areas of study are welcome. The group will meet several times a year to discuss readings, host events, initiate and collaborate on projects, or workshop members’ research, writing, or teaching projects.

This site serves as a companion to the group’s email listserv. Primarily, it will document and publicize the group’s activities, findings, and products. However, any Ohio State University faculty or graduate student can compose a blog post, and they are encouraged to do so. The listserv best serves quick, informal communication, but this site provides a space for more sustained collaboration. To sign up for the group’s email listserv, send a request here. If you’d like to be listed as a core member of Romanticism @ OSU, just send a request to the group’s administrator.

Core Members

Sara Cleto (Graduate Student, Department of English), cleto.2@osu.edu

Trey Conatser (Graduate Student, Department of English), conatser.4@osu.edu, Group Administrator

Joey Kim (Graduate Student, Department of English), kim.4227@osu.edu

Joe McQueen (Graduate Student, Department of English), mcqueen.24@osu.edu

Brittany Warman (Graduate Student, Department of English), warman.17@osu.edu

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