Informational Interview


Informational Interview with Natalie Miller

  1. Why did you select this individual to interview?
    • I chose to interview Natalie since she recently graduated from Ohio State with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I thought it would be helpful to get some personal advice about graduate school and how to apply. I also volunteer with her and three other physical therapists for my student research position.
  2. Describe the major responsibilities associated with their current role.
    • Natalie is currently employed in the Outpatient Neuromuscular Physical Therapy Clinic at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. She gives therapy to children and adults and participates in the creation and application of various research studies.
  3. Discuss how the person prepared for this role, and if they provided you with any advice as what you might be able to do to prepare for a similar career.
    • Natalie did both her undergrad and doctorate at The Ohio State University. She got her bachelors in Exercise Science. Natalie gave me a lot of good advice on what I should do in undergrad to best prepare for applying to graduate school. We discussed my course work and extra curriculars. Natalie summarized what the GRE was like and she recommended getting a Kaplan book to study with. She told me about personal statements and what kinds of things I should consider writing about. Natalie described the process of how one applies to physical therapy school and how to stay on track with what you need to complete. She warned me that I should look at pre-requisite courses  early on so I will have all or most of them completed before applying. Various schools have slightly different pre-requisite courses so it is beneficial to look at early.
  4. Summarize any insights from the interview that might be helpful in your academic or career preparation.
    • We discussed what a typical day in graduate school in physical therapy school was like which was interesting and fun to hear about. I always enjoy hearing about the future and I am so excited to be a physical therapist. She advised that I shouldn’t stress about it and keep doing what I am doing with my classes and research. We also discussed shadowing opportunities. I am extremely happy that I got to talk to her since she gave me so much advice and I am lucky to have her and the other physical therapists I work with as mentors.

Service Engagement

I participate in Buckeyes for a Cause, where we make friendship bracelets for children with cancer. In addition to this I am a member of Camp Kesem, where we raise money to have a free week long summer camp for kids parents who have, has had, or has passed away with cancer. By doing this we create an atmosphere where they can just enjoy being a kid and be surrounded others who can understand and help them. I am also a volunteer through OSU’s Wexner Medical Center.

Leadership Development

I am the Academic Committee Lead on my Health Sciences Scholars Leadership cancel where I lead committee meetings and help plan events. I attend weekly meetings and help out on an end of the year event. I represent the program at Scholars days by presenting at meetings and acting as a representative at our Scholars program booth.

Academic Enrichment

I am in an academic pre-health sorority, Delta Omega Kappa, where we strive to help each other reach our professionally related goals. In addition to this I attend many Pre-PT club events that give us information on applying to graduate school and overall information on the career.

Original Inquiry

I participate in research with physical therapists at Nationwide Children’s Hospital with children Spinal Muscular Atrophy and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I help with data processing and assist with video recording of strength and walking tests.

Global Awareness

I attended an Indian dance competition where I learned the different traditions of Indian Dance. Since I had taken dance in high school for four years I really enjoyed learning about a new kind of dance and how Indian traditions affected it. I attended an international school in the South of France when I was ten, where students who attended the school came from all over the world. I was the only student in my grade from the USA, so I got the chance to learn about many different cultures from hanging out with other peers. I was able to return to France between my freshman and sophomore year to visit old friends and family. I really enjoy being able to learn about other nationalities traditions and values.

Year in Review

I am definitely very different from the person who started in Health Science Scholars almost two years ago now. Since coming to college I have become more comfortable in my own skin. I am also much more willing to try things out of my comfort zone. I had held leadership roles in high school, but that was nothing like having a leadership role in college. Being on the Leadership Council for Health Sciences Scholars, first as only a committee member and then as a committee lead, has really shaped me as a leader and a person. I have gained confidence in who I am and what I can do and I have gained a significant amount of leadership experience. I have gotten better at public speaking and event planning, which will be very useful in the future. Since coming to college I have made and achieved bigger goals for myself than I would have in the past, such as applying and becoming a student researcher at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, which has been really good for my confidence level. I have learned new study habits that have been more effective in my various science courses. I completed all of the initial expectations and I really enjoyed and got a lot out of many HSS events. Health Sciences Scholars helped me change and decide what major I wanted to be in and helped me in various academic, service, and social aspects. I am so grateful that I have gotten the chance to be surrounded by such wonderful and driven individuals for the past two years. For the remainder of my OSU experience, I hope to continue to do well in my classes and make the most out of being at Ohio State. I want to create experiences that will prepare me for the future and set me apart from others. I hope that I can also enjoy the remaining time that I have hear and have the chance to meet and help other individuals as well.

Health and Wellness

I regularly run at the gym and participate in a weekly Zumba class at the RPAC. I am also preparing for a half marathon this coming may, and I ran the Cleveland half last summer.I also attended an event on how to eat healthier on campus this past fall.


Major Service Project


  1. Describe your involvement with this organization
    • I am a student researcher at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in the Neuromuscular Physical Therapy Outpatient Clinic. I assist other therapists in therapy sessions, data collection and organization, and video recording. We work with children with various neuromuscular disorders. We also visit near by schools to collect control data for various studies. I have been volunteering there for the past year and I hope to volunteer there until I graduate.
  2. Describe what you gained as a result of this experience.
    • I have gained a sufficient amount of knowledge on what research in Physical Therapy is like and what you can do with it. I have also learned a lot about SMA type 1 and Muscular Dystrophy. I have learned to think on my feet and I have become a more confident and organized individual.
  3. Describe positive changes to the community as a result of your service experience.
    • By assisting in multiple research studies involving neuromuscular disorders such as SMA and Muscular Dystrophy in children I will be helping children and their families with these disorders.
  4. Describe a person with whom you interacted that made a strong impression on you, positive or negative.
    • I work along four different Physical Therapists, Dr. Linda, Lowes, Dr. Katherine Berry, Dr. Natalie Miller, and Dr. Lindsay Alfano. Each one of them have been so kind and helpful to me. They are all truly inspiring women and I hope that I can be a great Physical Therapist like them some day. It is truly helpful to have great mentors to help me through undergrad and eventually to apply to Physical Therapy School.
  5. Complete the following sentence: “Because of this service experience, I am__________”
    • Because of this service experience, I am more confident in my goal of becoming a physical therapist and drive to either work with children or the brain injured population. I have learned that I adapt well to new teaching and I am able to accomplish various tasks in timely manner, even if the processes to do so is unfamiliar with me.