Global Awareness:

I believe Global Awareness to be an important element of education. Coming to Ohio State has allowed me to interact with people from around the world who I would never have gotten an opportunity to meet otherwise. In addition to the social aspect of global awareness, my coursework has taught me many things as well. I am currently studying Japanese at Ohio State and am considering picking up a minor in the subject. I hope to travel abroad to Japan next year and put to use what I have learned from my coursework and experience first hand the culture of another country.


Original Inquiry:

At this point in my undergraduate education, I have not had the opportunity to take part in any research. I am, however, currently enrolled in a Research Methods course as a part of my psychology program. While research experience has yet to occur for me first hand, it will be important later on in my education as it is a major part of my major. I do not yet have a plan for my own research, but I hope to focus my efforts in the field of psychology. For now, I am taking various psychology courses covering the subjects of research methodology and data analysis I hope to apply the information I obtain from my coursework in research later on in my undergraduate career.


Academic Enrichment:

My current undergraduate academic goal is to achieve a BA Psychology degree. After this, I plan to work toward a Masters degree in psychology. I have not yet declared a minor, but I am considering picking up a Japanese minor. Additionally, I would like to get a second minor in something more related to my field of study and am looking into minors through the college of social work. As far as GE credits go, I am taking a number of honors courses. I selected these courses both out of a desire to challenge myself as well an interest in broadening my understanding of subjects I did not get the opportunity to learn in my previous education. Most of my interests are focused in the humanities, but I hope through my general education credits, I will be able to broaden my academic horizons.


Leadership Development:

I am not particularly involved here at Ohio State. At the start of the year, I decided that it would be better or me to take the time this first semester to adjust to living away from home and the new workload that comes with college courses. I intend to involve myself more in the future. That said, my courses at Ohio State have given me opportunities to work on my leadership skills.
I do not consider myself to be a leader. I am more than capable of taking lead when needed, but when given the choice I prefer to let someone more confident take the role. I believe that leaders need to know when to step back and let those who are more experienced than them take charge. In the future, I plan to take a more active role in my community here as well as in organizations and, one day, internships.


Service Engagement:

Through this assignment, I have come to realize that my service engagement is lacking, to say the least. I have been generally inactive in our community this semester, but I hope to change that in the upcoming terms. In the upcoming semesters, I plan to assist my friends with their volunteering as well as look into additional service opportunities to pursue in the future.