My First Semester at OSU

This first semester has not been easy. Adjusting to college life and college academics have been a real challenge. As an office assistant, I’ve had to juggle crazy hour shifts, getting up at 5 A.M.  two days a week to work a shift, and sometimes even 1-5 A.M’s,  all while also going to class and doing my work/studying. Before college, I never really got a background in chemistry. My sophomore year honors chem teacher made it a lot more like honors storytime, instead of actually teaching. When I got to college chemistry was a complete shock to me, the amount of work, effort, and time that has gone into this class has been insane. I spend hours every night, completing the homework and prelectures while also trying to study for the final in the class. It has definitely been a major challenge for me academically, as I have never really studied and if I did definitely not to this extent that I have had to for this class. Another major challenge has been adjusting to living with another human. I shared a room at my house for a few years when I was younger, but for the majority of my life I have my own room as an escape, but that is obviously not a possibility in college. Finding alone time is quite rare, although I do love social interaction and being surrounded by people; it is hard to always have another person around. During high school, I would socialize during the day, but then when I got home, I would go to my room for hours and not interact with anyone. That is obviously not possible, and the only alone time I get is when my roommate has plans or classes. I like my roommate and we get along, but that doesn’t mean I wish i could be alone sometimes. There have also been some small issues between us that have created tensions at times, but that comes with living with anyone, as some of their little habits can come to annoy you times; but these issues have always worked out between ourselves. Homesickness didn’t really affect me for the first two months of college, but after I went home for fall break I realized how much I missed being back with my family and my room, so coming back here made me a little bit sad. Being at Ohio State right now has been tough especially, because this time is my favorite time of the year. Before i left, my family put up the Christmas tree and some of the decorations putting me in the Christmas spirit, but then the very next day I was coming back here for the Michigan game and slammed by the all the final projects and final exams approaching. I’m not quite sure if I have found my place here at OSU yet, but I am sure that will come as I get involved in clubs and activities, and as I develop stronger relationships with the people that surround me. Overall, this first semester has been a big change and transition, maybe one not so easily accepted, but I am learning to adjust and growing as a person, and am excited to see what next semester has to bring.