My First Week at OSU

This is technically my second week at OSU because I have a job as an Office Assistant over in Morrison and was required to move in early for the position. Adjusting when I first arrived was hard, as it was quite lonely. There was no one on campus and absolutely nothing to do, other than a few two hour shifts as an OA. However, all of my doubts disappeared as soon as move in day rolled around. Immediately, I interacted with my hall mates and bonded with them. Being a part of arts scholars and the Baker West community in general has already impacted me, making Ohio State seem smaller and home-like. It has been weird adjusting to the odd middle of the night hour shifts I work as an Office Assistant, living in close quarters with another human, and the different style of classes. Those are things I know I will have to work on to succeed here. However,  as of now I feel like I have been adapting to these changes quite well taking them on and already feel at place here at OSU. I wasn’t sure how well I would be able to adapt to this new chapter of my life, however, these new adjustments are the first of many changes as I become an adult and hopefully I’ll be ready to take them on, so I can continue to succeed and do well into my real life. To be honest, my expectations prior to coming here don’t live up to the reality of experiencing being an actual student at Ohio State meeting new, awesome people, forming bonds with them, and experiencing all the new, great things OSU has to offer. I’ve already created so many friendships that I hope will last for a lifetime.


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