2018 High School Payload Design Contest


BSLI is giving the opportunity to all Ohio high school students 9-12th grade to design a 1U CubeSat payload to be flown in both BSLI’s 10,000ft and 30,000ft rockets. Individuals or teams of up to 4 students will submit design proposals, and be judged on a variety of categories. Two finalists will be granted funding and access to an OSU design workshop to have their experimental payloads constructed. Finalists will have the opportunity to not only fly on the two test launches that BSLI conducts, but also on the full altitude flights at Spaceport America Cup in New Mexico. Unfortunately, no transportation will be offered to students, and only the payload will go to New Mexico.

Any questions can be forwarded to Ada Kanapskyte (kanapskyte.1@osu.edu), Jacob Eisen (eisen.27@osu.edu) or Kenny Dungan at (dungan.23@osu.edu).



Oct 15th: Winners announced.
Nov 10th: Formal written proposal due (including materials list).
January 13th: All materials must be obtained by this point.
March 16th: Payload completion date.
Mid-March: Test Launch.
Late June: Students are given back their payload and data post-competition.

Contest Details

Please read the informational package attached below for more information.

2018 BSLI HS Payload Contest Details


Up for the challenge? Submit your payload ideas to the form below.

Payload Design Submissions Form