High Altitude Project

Following the successful launch of two rockets at this year’s Spaceport America Cup, the next step forward for the BSLI is to create a rocket to reach an apogee of 100,000 feet. In order to do so in a cost effective manner, the rocket will need to be two stages. This rocket is late in the design phase, with some initial specs for the rocket including a 4-inch minimum diameter booster stage with an O class motor to a 3-inch minimum diameter sustainer housing an M class motor.

The team is composed of 6 areas of focus: Aerodynamics, Avionics, Recovery, System Integration, Structures, and Telemetry.

This December, our team launched our 2 stage proof-of-concept, aka the 2Pac, to an altitude of 5143 feet at the mid-Ohio Tripoli Launch site. Check out the video below to see the ground, on-board, and drone footage we collected!

With the successful test of the proof of concept model, we will continue on to begin building the large scale rocket to launch alongside 10k and 30k as an exhibition launch at the 2nd Annual Spaceport America Cup.