The following folks have some overlap in research or teaching interests with robotics.

Electrical and Computer Engineering.

David Orin. Robotics including bipedal and quadrupedal locomotion.

Yuan F. Zheng. Bipedal robots, human-assisting robots, radiation-hardened robots, etc.

Andrea Serrani. Nonlinear control and systems theory, guidance and control of aerospace, underwater and terrestrial vehicles.

Wei Zhang.  Control theory, game theory, and economics for the analysis and design of complex cyber-physical systems.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Ran Dai. Automation and Optimization Lab.

Levent Guvenc. Automated Driving Lab.

Bilin Aksun Guvenc. Center for Automotive Research.

James Gregory. Unmanned aircraft systems.

David Hoelzle. Controlled systems for human health and advanced manufacturing.

Mrinal Kumar. Autonomy in Data-Driven and Complex Systems.

C. H. Menq. Precision Measurement and Control Lab.

Sandra Metzler. Assistive devices and smart products.

Manoj Srinivasan. Movement Lab. Human locomotion, biomechanics, and robotic assistive devices.

Haijun Su. Design Innovation and Simulation Lab.


Integrated Systems Engineering.

David Woods. Complexity in human, natural, and engineered systems.