Behind the Mask


Mask made by hand amidst 2020 Covid-19 pandemic

My artifact in this post is a handmade mask. Right now the country is facing the Covid-19 pandemic. This mask symbolizes the small part that everyone can play. Staying inside and away from people is the most important thing we can do keep each other safe but this mask symbolizes the recognition that I have for the safety of others if I need to go out in public for essential items. My area has not been impacted as badly as bigger cities in the nation which has made the pandemic seem like a situation far away. Making this mask made me feel connected to the pandemic in a way that I had not felt before. I hope to inspire other people to do what they can to protect their fellow man in this time of need.

Hunger Run 5K

My job was to direct people to parking.

I volunteered at the Hunger Run 5K this semester as part of my volunteer requirements. In high school I ran cross country and we would help out with 5Ks so volunteering at this type of event was not out of my element. I really enjoyed volunteering at this 5K because it was the first one for this group. The 5K was organized by two students at Ohio State who want to help fight hunger. The money raised went to support Neighborhood Services Inc.. One dollar raised provides four meals to those in need. This 5K raised enough money for about 20,000 meals! I hope to be able to be a part of next year as well.

Scholars Go to the Zoo

You are never to old to go to the playground at the Zoo!

One of the wonderful opportunities of being a scholar is that the groups organize trips. My scholars group adviser organized for the Biological Sciences Scholars to go to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. We could sign up for one of two behind the scenes tours. The tour that I went on got to go behind the scenes of Manatee Cove. In Manatee Cove are manatees, rays, a sea turtle(I may be mistaken!), ducks, and lots of fish. Only one of the manatees is life long resident, the others are just there for rehabilitation. Once they are rehabilitated they will go down to a release are in Florida. I really enjoyed the trip because it was very fun to learn about how a zoo works and the Columbus Zoo does a lot of great things for wildlife.


My official certificate, patch, and stethoscope.

During my senior year of high school I completed an Emergency Medical Technician class. However completion of the class did not mean the certification was acquired. The path to certification had many steps. First, pass the class with an 80% or higher, then pass the final, and then pass the practicals. If all of that was completed then you were eligible to sit for the National Registry exam. This process was definitely the most stressful I have encountered so far. After I had completed all of this I had to take a moment and let it all sink in. I had difficulty accepting that I had completed the process and was an EMT. I didn’t feel grown up enough to have such a certification. This proved to me that I was an adult. It showed me that I could begin an adult level class and finish it successfully. This class is definitely where I learned to not just study material but actually learn it. I realized that I wouldn’t be a very good EMT if I couldn’t remember any of the information when I was on a squad run. I also considered this my first step down the path of being a medical professional. The knowledge that I have will provide me with a good base for being a doctor, which is my long term goal. This is also proved to me that I am dedicated to helping people. I looked forward to going to EMT class everyday because I wanted to be able to help people. I feel more mature now and ready to take on college and the world!