2019-2020 Second Year in Review

My second year of college will live in my memory for a very long time. At the beginning of the year I began a job as a lifeguard at the university pool, marking the first time that I had ever held a job while in school. Working brought the fun challenge of learning how to manage my time with classes. This year was also the first year that I lived off-campus which brought my level of adult way up. I did not think that I would miss dining hall food but I had misjudged how convenient the dining halls were. During the fall semester I began the search for a research position on campus. Around Thanksgiving Break I was accepted to shadow in a lab and right before Winter Break I was accepted into the lab. Being accepted into the lab was one of the happiest moments of my life. Spring semester began with little noise and I settled into the paces. I was excited for spring semester because most of my courses were pre-requisites for other courses and I was excited to move on. Looking back on when I packed my bag to go home for Spring Break it is almost laughable to think of what was waiting around the corner. It was over Spring Break that the university suspended in person classes and moved everything online. The transition to the virtual classroom also meant that I was not allowed to go to my research position. Not being able to go to my research position was the most upsetting for me because I was finally being given more solo tasks. My lamenting was cut short however as the reality of the pandemic and other course work filled the void. For me, the greatest lesson I have learned from the worldwide shutdown is that we are all important and can have a big impact on our fellow man. I have also learned to roll with the punches and to not waste this time that has been gifted.

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