About Me
I am currently an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at The Ohio State University at Newark. My research focuses on attention, cross-modal processing, categorization, and early word learning.


Research Interests
From learning a language to riding a bike, most of our experiences are multisensory in nature. The fact that the brain can integrate information from different sensory modalities into a coherent and unitary experience is truly amazing given that each modality simultaneously receives qualitatively different types of input (e.g., photons, molecules, pressure, etc.) and this information is processed, at least in the early stages of processing, by dedicated sensory systems. My program of research examines how infants, children, and adults process and integrate multisensory information and how this ability sub-serves various cognitive tasks such as statistical learning, categorization, word learning, and individuation.

Connecting on Social Media
I have FacebookTwitter, and Linkedin accounts; however, I primarily post and interact with people on Google+. Feel free to follow my Google+ profile or any of my Google+ pages/communities (see links on right). If you know me personally, please send me a direct message so I can circle you back.