Published Papers
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 Working Papers

  • The Political Logic of Cultural Revival: Ethnic Visibility and Electoral Politics in Malawi
  • Shifting Allegiances among Urban Kenyans: How Urban-Rural Linkages are Maintained or Replaced
    (with Rachel Beatty Riedl)
  • Ethnic Associations and Politics in Contemporary Malawi
    (with Paul C. Banda and Gift Kayira )

Research in Progress

  • Becoming Black? Immigrant Visibility, Racial Identity Formation, and Political Integration Among Somalis in the US
    (with Claire Adida)
  • Black, but not ‘Black’: African Immigrant Visibility and Racial Politics in the US
    (with Claire Adida)
  • Who Runs for Local Office? A Comparison of Candidate Biographies in Benin and Malawi
    (with Amanda Clayton, Martha Johnson, and Ragnhild Muriaas)
  • Triggers of Mass Killings by Non-State Actors in Africa
    (with Hollie Nyseth Brehm and Mini Saraswati)