We are pleased to announce the 3rd Conference on Biomotors, Virus Assembly, and Nanobiotechnology Applications to be held virtually December 13th-16th, 2021. We have invited some of the leading scientists and engineers working in the diverse fields of chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, structural biology, microbiology, cell biology, materials, and nanotechnology to participate.

Due to the great potential in the application of biomotors and viral components in nanotechnology, one motivation of organizing this conference is to promote the participation of more bioscientists into the field of nanobiotechnology.  Our cross-disiplinary approach to virus assembly, biomotor, and nanobiotechnology research is designed to foster collaborations among scientists.

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Date and Location

Date:  December 13th-16th, 2021

Location: Virtually

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Organizing Institutes

The Ohio State University

University of North Carolina Charlotte

Center for RNA Nanobiotechnology and Nanomedicine

International Society of RNA Nanotechnology & Nanomedicine (ISRNN)


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For general queries about our conference or related issues, please feel free to contact RNAnanocenter@osu.edu.