Agent-Based Models with Ayaz Hyder

Ayaz Hyder, Assistant Professor, Environmental Health Sciences, College of Public Health

Thursday, July 20, 2017
9:00 – 10:30 am
OSU Research Commons
3rd Floor, 18th Ave. Library

Presentation Title: Agent-Based Models

In this presentation, Ayaz Hyder provides an overview of Simulation and Systems Thinking in research. This overview is followed by a more specific review of the theory and practice of agent-based models, with examples of the use of these models in the area of Public Health. Dr. Hyder and his co-presenter, Dr. Rebecca Garabed, will also host an open discussion about the use of simulation/agent-based models in research across disciplines.

About Dr. Hyder:

Dr. Hyder’s research focuses on understanding the role of multiple determinants of human health operating at multiple levels (e.g., individual, neighborhood, regional). I use mathematical and computational approaches to bring together theory, data and methods from multiple disciplines.