Community Forum on Research Methods Capacity

Ann O’Connell
Natasha Bowen
Rebecca Garabed
Jessica Logan

Join the Movement!

This event is designed to provide a forum for:

Bringing together researchers from disciplines across the OSU campus to discuss issues related to training in research methods. We invite you to share your thoughts about issues, best practices, and innovations in methods education. Through this forum, we hope to develop a framework for building research methods capacity across disciplines and research types. We also hope to support the formation of an ongoing working group related to methods training/education that brings together faculty, researchers, staff, and students with an interest in building research methods capacity.

As a result of attending we hope you will:

Gain greater awareness of the resources available to you for research methods education;Be engaged in discussion that starts to build an agenda for future action; Have an opportunity to provide your input on needs for education and training; Be engaged in discussion with peers in other disciplines and roles at the University who share your interest in methods.