Scott Dueker (1)

Qualitative Study

Scott Dueker

Doctoral Fellow, Educational Studies, College of EHE

Advisor: Helen Malone


Using Technology To Teach Academics To Students with Moderate to Profound Disabilities: A Literature Review




To examine the use and effectiveness of using technology to teach academics to students with moderate to profound disabilities, I used a systematic review of existing literature. Preliminary results and potential implications will be presented.


About Scott Dueker


Scott Dueker is entering his third year of doctoral studies in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis. His advisor is Dr. Helen Malone. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Scott has almost 10 years of experience working with children with moderate to severe intellectual and developmental disabilities in home, clinical, educational, and residential settings. His research interests include using video technology to teach children with moderate to severe impairment to be more independent and the use of motivating operations to change behavior. He is a member of the Association for Behavior Analysis International, the Association for Behaviour Analysis Australia, the Council for Exceptional Children, and a student member of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies.