Fozya Tesfa

Quantitative Study

Fozya Tesfa

Visiting Scholar, Educational Studies, College of EHE


ECCD services for children’s protection in emergencies




[Excerpt]The intent of this paper is to assess and support a collaborative effort among child protection in emergency (CPiE) actors and education in emergency (EiE) actors specifically those who are engaged with ECCD in providing productive ground for children by integrating both sectors to enrich the activities that are going to be delivered in refugee camps. The study tried to respond the question ‘How integration of CPiE and EiE activities improve the child’s protection in refugee camp’. For this purpose, data were gathered from parents, ECCD facilitators using interview and observation was done in ECCD centers. The findings of the study indicate that children are more protected when they are in enrolled in integrated CPiE and EiE interventions. Hence, the study recommended to give greater attention for integrating both interventions in all zones to improve the protection of children in emergencies and include the results in emergency management plans.