Call for Proposals


2017 Interdisciplinary Methods Festival
Call for Proposals: Interactive Poster Session
OSU Research Commons, 3rd Floor, 18th Avenue Library
July 19 — 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Proposals Due: Deadline for poster proposals extended to July 1, 2017

The Poster Session at the First Annual RMC Interdisciplinary Methods Festival features the research efforts of graduate student methodologists from across the Ohio State University campus.  This session has two goals:

  1. Provide a place for student methodologists from across campus to showcase their work.
  2. Facilitate interactions between graduate students and faculty to promote methods advancement and interdisciplinary learning.

We are accepting proposals for research posters. Work described on your poster can be completed, or still in the planning stages.

Students currently enrolled in the GISQRM graduate certificate program are particularly encouraged to participate.

General Submission Guidelines 

Submit Your Proposal Now

Submissions will be reviewed by RMC staff and affiliates.  If your proposal is accepted, you will be invited to a pre-session prep session conducted by the RMC.  These sessions will be scheduled with individual presenters during the month prior to the Interactive Poster Session.

Each presentation needs to highlight a research design issue, application of research methodology, or methodological study. Different methodological aspects of the same study require separate proposal applications. In the case of multiple presenters, a maximum of three individuals is allowed, including the primary presenter.

The primary presenter will submit a single application on behalf of the entire group. The primary presenter will need the following information for all presenters:

  • Presenter Name (first and last)
  • Presenter OSU email (
  • Department and program
  • Advisor name (first and last)
  • Advisor OSU email (

Proposal Submission Format and Content 

  1. Title: The project title should be no more than 20 words long (shorter is better).
  2. Session Abstract: 50 words maximum. The abstract should include a brief description of the study (if applicable) with an emphasis on the methodology used.
  3. Feedback of Interest: Please describe what you would like to learn and/or what feedback you would be interested in receiving. For example, you might response, “I’m looking for alternative methods for my study”, “I’m seeking appropriate instruments for my population”, or “I would like to get feedback on the quality of my presentation.”
  4. Chosen Medium: Research poster
  5. Research Type: Proposals may describe completed research studies or research in progress. No preference will be given to either type.  NOTE: The content of your proposal should fit the research and scholarly traditions of your discipline, but keep in mind that the focus of our festival is interdisciplinary.  Make sure to include necessary definitions and illustrations to ensure that your presentation is broadly understandable.


  • You should receive an email notification when your application is received.  If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation, please email Sandy Reed at
  • Presenters are expected to attend the entire Interactive Poster Session.

Questions about the Interactive Session may be directed to Sandra Reed at