Checkpoint 3: Takeaways from ESLTECH 2011

The three takeaways I have from this class include: discovering new technologies to help me with studying, learning to make a better work space environment, and lastly utilizing time management to get my assignments done early. First, some new technologies I discovered from my peers include Anki (a flashcard tool), Notability, and OneNote. All three of these technologies have been useful in taking notes from lecture and for studying for exams. I really enjoyed seeing the different software and apps that my peers used to help them, and I can definitely say they have helped me too. Next, I learned that putting my phone away, turning on Lo-fi music, and having a nice lamp next to me while studying has maximized my study time. This not only cuts down on procrastination, but helps me feel excited and sets my mind in the right place before studying. Lastly, I have learned from this class especially to work ahead on assignments. Since our modules open up early in the week, I learned to start them early rather than stress out Friday when the first discussion is due. Overall this class was great and I learned a lot about myself.