About Me

My name is Madison Rivero from Fredericksburg, Virginia and I am going into my first year at Ohio State in the fall. I am a Biology and Criminal Justice major looking to pursue a career in the field of forensic science. Throughout my life I have been actively involved in athletics including playing volleyball and tennis, and competing in Crossfit and Olympic Weightlifting throughout high school. Because of my passion for athletics and competition I joined the Dunn Sport and Wellness Scholars program. I also became a part of the Morrill Scholars Program through the Office of Diversity and Inclusion to become involved in the large, diverse community of students at Ohio State that share a passion for justice and change.
Another large part of my life is my devotion to volunteering in the community. In high school I was involved in many service organizations. One of the most rewarding organizations was a program called Brain Builders that provided tutoring and mentoring at local elementary schools for students that did not have a support system at home to help them succeed. While at Ohio State I hope to become involved in similar organizations as well as try new opportunities.
I also love to travel and take in new places and cultures. With that being said I am looking forward to being able to participate in a study abroad program while at Ohio state. I want to be able to travel and make a difference for others while still being able to continue my education. I also want to experience my heritage as well and learn how to better serve the Latino community and provide resources and opportunities, including higher education.In my free time I enjoy going to the gym, crafting, baking or cooking, and watching movies. I also enjoy being able to be outside, including going hiking, kayaking, laying in my hammock, and walking my dog. I am looking forward to finding cute places to eat and experience everything that Columbus has to offer. However, I am most looking forward to being a part of the Buckeye traditions and experience Ohio State athletics.