True Colors Reflection

True Colors is a test that looks into your personality type, and how that correlates to your leadership style. The quiz itself has you look at different lists of words and rank them from one to four based on you own natural tendency. It is easier to look into your own natural tendencies if you try and apply the words to a specific situation. One all the lists are ranked, then the person taking the test will add up their numbers to determine the totals in all color categories. One the totals have been calculated, you can look at the colors, either gold, blue, orange, or green, and determine which leadership style you most exemplify. Some might not have one color that they definitively fit into, but rather show characteristics from a couple of the different categories. All of the colors are defined based on certain characteristics that people within that color share. For example, orange is known for taking risks and being spontaneous, and blue is the one that values close relationships and it more empathetic towards others. On the other hand, gold values organization and planning, whereas green strives for education and continuing to learn. As for me, I fit comfortably into two groups but lacked in the other two dramatically. Specifically, I was strongly gold and green but lacked in orange and blue. This means that I am very analytically minded and enjoy having a plan, but also am constantly striving to gain more knowledge. I am organized and procedural, but lack in spontaneity and communicating with others. The important aspect of this assignment was the idea that all colors of leaders work together and balance each other out. Group projects are most beneficial and successful when the colors can feed off of each other’s ideas adn leadership styles.

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