Leadership Definition

Leadership is being able to apply your life experiences to different situations and help others grow. This includes being  willing to make yourself uncomfortable in order to help others thrive. Sports are a great example of leadership because there are always people on any given team that have the ability to move their team and change their mindset. The Super Bowl from two years ago with the Falcons and the Patriots is a great example of leadership. The Patriots went into halftime down by a large margin and they could have easily given up and stopped playing all together. Instead of coming out for the second half distraught and losing their motivation they had players on their team that helped to encourage others and promote a positive environment which allowed the team to focus their negative energy into something positive that ultimately proved well for them. At these football games the camera always shows not only the people on the field but also the players on the sideline, because body language and how one reacts when the spotlight is not nessecarily on them shows a lot about their character and ability to lead by example. Many great leaders that people look up to come in the form of athletes because of the positive environment and community that is fostered in a  team environment.

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