A Second Year in Review

This year has been an experience in balancing life and academics. My family and I experienced a tragedy in our life in the past year. It was definitely a struggle to balance caring for my family both physically and emotionally while also continuing class work.  Despite this, I managed to stay on track with my class work. My family is the most important thing in my life and I feel I now appreciate just how difficult it is to balance the two.

This year has also been important in helping me find my interests.  My classes became more focused on my major.  I have discovered an interest in the biological fields of both genetics and microbiology.   I am currently looking into different career paths in these two area of interest and plan to continue further classes on the subjects. Next year I plan to participate in undergraduate research and continue volunteer work .

Scholars Studying Events

Scholars events give us the opportunity to meet other scholars students in events that involve volunteering, academics, and some just social events.  So far I have mainly attended the scholars study sessions where groups of scholars meet to study for classes.  In this time, I am mainly busy studying for my chemistry class!periodic-table



My graduation from high school marked an important moment in my academic career.  I graduated with an honors cord and a high ranking within my class.  This was a reflective of the effort I put into my classes and school activities.  Although I was excited to graduate, I was even more excited to start college!

Year in Review

Before my first semester of college I was a student who focused on grades as extracurricular activities and volunteer work.  Now, I focus on the same activities but in a more effective way.  My classes have taught me class material as well as the importance of problem-solving skills and social skills when something is beyond my known knowledge.  In order to be successful, I have had to rely on help from others as well as pushing myself to learn new things.  The Biological Sciences Program has helped me communicate with other people about my classes as well as provided peer mentors I can rely on in the future.  In addition to this, the Biological Sciences Program has informed me on opportunities for undergraduate research, volunteer work, higher education, and future careers.  Knowledge I have learned from this semester has made me more open-minded to the world and provides a basis for my future major classes.


G.O.A.L.S. is an acronym for Honors and Scholars students that is intended to make students well rounded people.


Global Awareness: I plan to develop Global Awareness through taking history and language classes during my time as an undergraduate student.  I also intend to study abroad though I have yet to fully explore my options as far as locations.  I would love to study abroad doing field research in another country.  I would also love to study abroad in a history oriented trip since I have always enjoyed learning all types of history.  Another thing that assists in Global Awareness is taking a variety of GE courses that provide me with wide variants of information about people and the world.

Original Inquiry: One of my main goals is to become involved in research by my second year of college.  I am really interested in many of the research opportunities available at Ohio State and want to assist in new discoveries in the scientific world.  To accomplish this, in my first year of college I am taking science classes that prepare me for research and am attending as many events as possible to learn about research opportunities.

Academic Enrichment: This is one of the most applicable parts of the G.O.A.L.S. acronym to my daily college life. I need to take rigorous class work to count toward my biology major. Everyday, I am busy studying for these classes to the best of my ability.  In order to achieve my career goals, I need to maintain high grades in all my classes.

Leadership Development: As I become more adapted to college life I want to find clubs and organizations that I am passionate about.  Then, a leadership position in these can help me assist others.

Service Engagement: I intend to become involved in regular service activities in the Columbus community.  Right now, I can volunteer in scholars events and other clubs events in order to expand my exposure to different volunteer work.

About Me

img_0387Hello!  My name is Madison Ritchie and I am from Loveland, Ohio, a small town by Cincinnati.  My major is Biology though I hope to explore many other majors in the biological sciences. My goal is to one day attend graduate school and work in scientific research. During my years as an undergraduate at Ohio State I plan to become involved in opportunities such as undergraduate research, volunteering, and student clubs.   I also plan to discover my academic interests by taking a variety of classes in the biological sciences.  One of the main programs I am involved in is the Biological Sciences Scholars at Ohio State.  This program keeps me informed on scientific opportunities around campus and is a great source of guidance for my career plan. In addition to this, the scholars program has helped me meet many students and staff involved in science.