Console Manufacture

Console Manufacture takes many components from different companies to put it together in the hardware. Though these consoles are shipped from the main companies headquarters, company’s consoles can be manufactured in a different location. Currently the XBOX One is manufactured in Shanghai, China by BesTV a partnership which helped them become one of the first consoles in China after the country lifted its console ban (Microsft). The PS4 by Sony is also being manufactured in Shanghai but by the Shanghai Oriental Pearl(Sony). Nintendo’s Wii U is being made by the Company Foxconn. To manufacture game consoles different technology components from many different companies in order to complete the console to specifications (more on this in the Hardware tab). Hardware means the physical components that make up a game console. For example a CPU chip is hardware that helps determine what the console can process while software refers to something like an app that performs a specific task within the operating system that isn’t a physical component.Once all the hardware gets put together the software then gets loaded on the console which then goes to main companies headquarters for distribution.

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