DISRUPTION: Implications for Risk Management

minton bernadette 130x195By Professor Bernadette A. Minton
Academic Director and Interim Executive Director, The Risk Institute
Arthur E. Shepard Endowed Professor in Insurance
Professor of Finance
The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business


In just over a week, The Risk Institute at The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business will host its second annual conference on the Columbus campus.

This year’s conference focuses on DISRUPTION – a trendy and perhaps overused word these days in corporate America, but very much relevant and worthy of discussion.

Consider the two sides of DISRUPTION:

You or your organization can cause disruption by creating a new business model for which your competitors’ revenues and cost infrastructures do not allow them to respond quickly.  In this case, the disruption has the potential to create value.

Or, alternatively, you or your organization can be subject to disruption when your business strategy, process or infrastructure, for example, are interrupted by an unexpected event.  In this case, disruption has the potential to negatively impact the firm.

Save the Date  6.8.15During our upcoming conference on Wednesday, October 7 and Thursday, October 8, senior executives will have the opportunity to engage in conversations with experts and peers about leading practices and current challenges related to DISRUPTION.

Highlights include our keynote speakers, Kenny Dichter, founder and CEO of Wheels Up, and retired General Michael Hayden, former director of the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency.  General Hayden, speaking on the opening night, will focus on Managing DISRUPTION.  Mr. Dichter will headline the second day of the conference and present on DISRUPTION as a Catalyst.

Conference attendees also will be challenged during a collection of six 20-minute RISKx talks, modeled after the high-impact and popular TED Talks, to consider DISRUPTION strategically and to generate new insights and influence risk management practice. The RISKx session includes topics such as a firm’s risk appetite, employees’ attitudes toward risk, consumer payment methods and the activist investor.

We will conclude our conference with panel discussions focusing on strategic risk management implications of DISRUPTION in Financial Business Transactions and DISRUPTION in Core Systems.

To learn more, visit The Risk Institute Annual Conference page.