Introducing the SCRAM™ Tool

The Risk Institute is excited to announce SCRAM™, a supply chain resilience assessment and management tool, developed by researchers at The Ohio State in collaboration with the U.S. Air force, Dow Chemical, L Brands and a number of other companies.

Businesses Need Resilience
In an age of global turbulence, resilience is a key competency for corporations. How can a company improve the resilience of its supply chain processes, so that it can recover rapidly from unexpected disruptions, assure business continuity and adapt effectively to changing external conditions?

The Solution
SCRAM™ is a facilitated process, supported by a computer-based toolkit, that provides a diagnostic assessment of an organization’s preparedness and fitness for coping with turbulent change. The process identifies resilience gaps and then suggests enhancements that will strengthen the company’s capacity to survive, adapt, and flourish—even when surprises occur.

What Can SCRAM™ Do For You?
SCRAM™ offers businesses a unique, comprehensive approach to understand the pattern of their potential vulnerabilities and to design a portfolio of supply chain capabilities that will offset those vulnerabilities.

























For more information about SCRAM™, please contact us at The Risk Institute.


4 thoughts on “Introducing the SCRAM™ Tool

  1. Dear All,
    Congratulations for this achievement. I am teaching production and risk management and I would like to have the opportunity to try your solution and then teach its main principles. Could you please tell me where to download it? Many thanks in advance.
    José Lamas V., Geneva

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