October in Review

What a funny month. October has always been an odd month in my mind, mostly because it is one of those meteorological transition months, where I need to wear a jacket in the morning but not too heavy or warm of a jacket, and I certainly don’t want to wear a long-sleeved shirt underneath anything,  yet it would be best to wear one by itself come two in the afternoon. The sun sets earlier and by 7 pm I feel like I should be climbing into bed instead of walking to get food somewhere. On top of all of that it’s raining half the time and my bike seat is always wet which is absolutely no fun for anybody. Though it probably sounds as though I’m complaining about things a little too much here, I do honestly enjoy October, because I like the briskness of autumn and the fact that comfort food makes a welcome comeback. Now that I’ve gotten that little digression out of the way, let us gracefully dive into the retrospective of my October.

Coming into October I was doing pretty well; midterms were over, I was doing well in all of my classes, and I had settled into something resembling a routine (though it would turn out later that some aspects of this routine would need to be drastically re-imagined). I had grown more accustomed to Columbus and was going out with more friends, finding new and exciting things to do around campus and the city. I particularly liked walking around Short North and seeing all of the oddities that are present over there, and I found a lot of the shops to be really cool. Also, I finally got around to trying Jeni’s Ice Cream, and I have to say that it wasn’t too bad, but I was disappointed that there were only, like, eight flavors. Maybe I’m just too used to having a wide selection at Mitchell’s but I felt there was a real limited selection there. The service was incredible though, the girl who helped me was very patient as I sampled just about everything and then originally forgot to ask for sprinkles on top, going back and putting some on for me when I asked sheepishly. Also, I discovered a whole shopping complex on the other side of the highway behind my dorm, and my life got 50% better almost immediately. There’s a Target, a Barnes and Noble, a Marshal’s, and even an AMC Theater back there, and being able to walk five minutes to a Target is so much better than walking twenty minutes to get to one.

With the advent of fall break earlier in the month, I got to go home and see my family for the first time since I moved in, which was great. They are all doing well, and they were excited to hear all about my time at college so far, which I was happy to do over a plate of anything other than a burger, grilled cheese or taco from Scott. While home I also got to see a lot of my friends from high school who go to different universities, which was also great. Everyone had a lot to say about their college experience thus far and we had a great time catching up and seeing each other. After having spent  a lovely few days back in The Land, however, it was time to come back and start preparing for what would be the most trying part of October: Midterms.

Being the incredibly proactive student I always am, I had prepared myself well for midterm season by going ahead and putting all of the dates into my calendar way ahead of time, so that I could constantly check and remind myself when I would need to start studying and focusing on them. As the week approached, I dreaded the schedule I had been handed for my exams: three midterms over two days. Nevertheless, I knew that if I played it smart and studied in a measured, intelligent manner, then I would be able to pass each of them without going totally nuts. For my Anthropology final, one of my classmates was kind and crazy enough to put together a quizlet, which I used as my main resource while studying. Having to keep track of all of the names such as Omomyids and Propliopithecids was, shockingly, the part that I was worried about most for the test. However, after going through both the quizlet and my notes maybe 12 (13?) times, I had it down pat and received excellent marks on that exam. Next up was Musical Cultures of the World, which I figured may be just as difficult if not more, given that the terms I was tasked with knowing were from several different languages and also sounded quite similar, which didn’t help at all. To combat this challenge, I made a lot of flash cards and studied those every free minute I had, ensuring that I would be an expert on all of them by Thursday morning. After taking that test I walked away feeling pretty confident in myself and happy knowing that I’d studied as much as possible. My final midterm was the dreaded Calculus, a subject which, on the whole, has never been my strong suit. I resolved myself to studying the most for this test, ad my main focus was knowing the formulas for annuities and compounding interest and their functions as well as I could. To that end, I filled page upon page of my notebook with a chart of all of them and their names, spending a lot of time just writing them over and over again until I felt confident in using them properly. Of course I also went through several study guides and practiced other concepts, but I really focused on my weak spots. When I got the exam back, I had mixed feelings, because I had scored lower than I should have and a lot of the points I missed were the result of stupid, careless mistakes that I simply didn’t catch when going through the test, but on the bright side I got every question related to an annuity or compounding interest completely correct. Overall I feel good about my midterms, and I’m happy that I was able to put my best foot forward in studying for them, but wished I had done better come crunch time.

The last noteworthy event on my October review is, of course, Halloween. As I’m sure you know, Halloween has been elevated to new heights as of late, and a greater emphasis is put upon the entirety of October as a certifiably “spooky” month than ever before. These days as soon as Bill Joe Armstrong is awoke from his month-long slumber, everyone expects to watch scary movies every night, eat, drink, and breathe pumpkin products, and go apple picking in at the very least three flannels. And all of that serves as just the run up to Halloween! I, for one, am totally game for all of these activities, but sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed by the high expectations held by everyone for their autumn experience. I am much more content to rake leaves and drink some hot cocoa while wearing a sweatshirt than having to travel all the way out to a pumpkin patch or apple orchard and take a thousand pictures, only to end up with a bunch of rotten apples a week later. My favorite aspect of the Halloween season is actually going and getting candy on Halloween, while putting some thought into what I’m going to wear. This year I dressed up as Steve Harrington from Stranger Things and essentially just out some gel in my hair and got a baseball bat, which turned out to be a hit because everyone and their mother loves that show and Steve especially. I got into a lot of candy that night and the weekend before, especially Reese’s Cups and Almond Joys (the best, fight me if you think they’re disgusting), and after all that the damage was that I gained around four pounds, which I was thankfully able to work off over the weekend by going for a few runs (my other favorite part of autumn-running on colorful, leave-strewn paths when it’s nice and brisk outside).

Well, right now in my mind’s eye I see the apparition of each of my high school English teachers ripping their hair out over my soaring word count and trademark verbosity, so I feel like I should give them a break and wrap this baby up for now. Sorry I was a bit of a ghost throughout October there, but as you can see it was quite packed with excitement and goings-on! I plan on making this blog much more well-kept throughout November and the following months, because I enjoy doing this and it’s a good way to keep track of my weeks and activities, so for those avid readers and ardent fans that I know I definitely have and who refresh my page tirelessly in the hopes of finding that more tantalizing and salacious content has been posted on it, I am fulfilling those hopes and dreams of yours. And for everybody else who is just a casual fan, I think you’ll rather enjoy the stung-together ramblings of my inner-monologue as well. Goodbye for now and I’ll definitely be seeing you sooner than I did last time, so have a great week and remember that, in the words of the immortal and incomparable Sheryl Crow, “The first cut is the deepest”.

Week in Review: September 17

Coming into this week I was recovering from my first illness that I’ve gotten while in college, which was an exciting adventure to say the least! No one ever tells you how difficult being sick will be when your parents aren’t there to care for you every second and know exactly what to do for every symptom you might have. Consequently, I found myself confined largely to my bed for almost 72 hours, which, given the fact that I am on the top bunk in my room, was a terrifying and surreal experience that I did not enjoy. I didn’t have access to a thermometer, so I had no idea whether I had a high fever or not, but what I do know is that I sweat any and all fluids out of my body during this period, and that food did not sound in any way appetizing to me at the time. Inexperienced as I was (am), my best solution was to take some Advil until my migraine subsided, and continue to do so for the duration of my illness. However, having only come to college armed with a four-pack of Advil, this presented to me the challenge of acquiring said Advil on my own, which meant rallying myself from my bed and going out to the c-store to stockpile it. Needless to say, this was a harrowing experience. After much difficulty and turmoil, I managed to get the medication I needed, and eventually the illness passed and I could function properly again.

Yet even though I was free from this malady, I had no time to rest or enjoy the full range of my physical capabilities once again, as midterms loomed in front of me throughout the week. I needed to immediately bolster myself for the coming onslaught, and subsequently planted myself in the library, committed to studying intensely for my exams. I spent a total of 7 hours poring over notes and textbooks in the 18th Avenue library on Monday, and when I finally left and got back to my dorm, I was physically and mentally exhausted. I quickly showered, brushed my teeth, and climbed in bed, listening to some music before settling down and drifting to sleep. The next day I had my midterm in Musical Cultures of the World, and was relieved to see that I had studied well enough, finding myself thoroughly prepared for the test. Later in the week I faced my math midterm, and though historically I have struggled with math, I think that I performed well on this exam, remaining confident in my abilities in understanding the material. The big ticket test for me this week was my Anthropology midterm, which has by far the most material to cover and complexity to it out of any of my tests. I started studying for it on Monday, and made myself devote an hour and a half a day to study exclusively anthropology, in order to be as prepared as possible. When it was time to take the test, I felt relaxed and confident in my knowledge of the material, and after taking the test, I felt I did pretty well. There were a few questions that, upon review of some notes and materials, I realized I had gotten wrong, but I knew that I had prepared incredibly well for the exam and didn’t shortchange myself, making the majority of the test fly by with relative ease.

After this, my last midterm, I went back to my dorm and simply relaxed, letting the stress and anxiety of the last week melt away, knowing that I could wait an hour or so before starting on the homework I inexplicably had to do that night. Laying there in my dorm, I was at peace with the way in which I approached my midterms, but I knew that there were still improvements that I could make to my process and study habits, chief among these being to not get sick right before midterms and lose three days during which I could be studying. However, that’s just how life goes I guess, and so with that my week came to a close, and I went and had some fun over the weekend, going to a concert and getting some food with friends. All in all, not the most relaxing week I’ve had but definitely not a nightmare. If anything, I sacrificed a few hours of sleep in order to excel on my exams and ensure I would perform well in the classroom, and at the moment, I’m pretty content with that reality. That’s all for this week, I’ll be back next week with an update on how everything’s going; until then, have a great week everybody!

About Me

Hello Dear Reader, I hope that, if you have been perusing any of the other works on this ePortfolio, you are enjoying yourself and have found something interesting or noteworthy to read, and if this piece is the initial contact for you and this ePortfolio, then I welcome you to this pseudo-diary I’ve been provided with. Now that any and all formalities have been dealt with, we can get into the riveting tale promised by the title of this article.

My name, as you could probably guess by the huge letterhead and URL of this website, is Joey Ripepi, and at the time of this being written, I am a freshman (or first-year, whichever floats your boat) at The Ohio State University, majoring in business, with a specialization in international business, and I am a member of the Honors Program. I attended Saint Ignatius High School and during my illustrious four years there, I excelled academically, was involved in several noteworthy clubs that I loved to do, and ran cross country and track the entire time. Though I am sad to have left Saint Ignatius, it prepared me well for this new chapter I am currently starting out upon, and I have already utilized many of the lessons from my high school years in college.

Now, that is my educational history and what I’m sure some are here for, but maybe if I’m going to do an about me article/entry, I should describe some of my interests, talents, and hobbies for you. I have always been a voracious reader and usually try and read at least two books a month, though that depends on what time of the year it is and how busy I am with schoolwork and the like. Over the summer I really got in a groove and read almost eleven books, so I feel excited about getting to cross some titles off of my reading list and adding some more. My favorite book usually changes from week-to-week, but right now I really like The Martian or The Lords of Discipline, both of which I highly recommend. I also love movies and seeing how they are made, the behind the scenes action and developments that take place before they make it to the screen. My favorite movies also vary a lot, but some of my favorites are MiracleAvengers Infinity War, and Baby Driver. Leave a comment if you have any suggestions for good movies for me to watch!

Outside of those two things, I enjoy running, swimming, and skiing, really most sports. I love being active and getting competing against some friends, having fun and being outside on a great day. On the other end of the spectrum, perhaps, I love food, and trying different foods from different cultures, though if you give me a choice, I’d choose Italian food most of the time.

Another passion (hobby?) of mine is music and singing. I have always been a singer and sometimes have a difficult time keeping quiet when a good song is on and I’m in a place where it’s generally not acceptable to burst out into Hotel California. I have been trying to learn guitar but the one hurdle I’m currently facing is that I do not have a guitar. So, until then, I’ll try my best to be creative about learning it and see what I can do.

Well, I know this is going to come as a disappointment to all of the fans out there but I feel that this is a good place to end this particular entry. I don’t want to show all of my cards too early, so I’ll save some interesting things about myself from future entries and installments, so that all of you devoted fans can have some content to keep you excited and coming back for more, because trust me, I know how hard it would be to not read the entirety of this ePortfolio in one sitting.

Until next time folks.

New Beginnings

This happens to be the very first thing I am writing and publishing on the ePortfolio, but why don’t we pretend as if I have been doing this for a while and that I am now reflecting on events that have been updated on and anticipated for several months.

Now that that short introductory piece is out of the way, we can get down into what I am talking about. These past few weeks I have done a lot of things that I don’t usually get to do or have to, and I have done them all on my own! Obviously given the fact that I am writing this and have been privileged by access to this platform I have started my academic career at The Ohio State University, which, as things go, is kind of a big deal. Though everything had been building up to it for a few months, when move-in day came and I was suddenly packing a bunch of new things into the back of my family’s reliable Toyota Sienna, I was a bit disoriented and kind of anxious for the first time. When we got to campus I wasn’t exactly the happiest camper, not crying but instead being kind of a pain and trying to speed everything along against the indomitable process of OSU moving day. That was kind of childish but I eventually got over it once I no longer had to wait in lines and could enjoy being here. Mom and Dad, in traditional fashion, were sad about having to leave me here but weren’t weepy in any way, which I was appreciative of, knowing it would get ugly if they did.

After we had said our goodbyes and everything was moved in, we got food, and then after a walk around campus they headed off back home, leaving me stranded here, expected to fend for myself. I spent some time getting to know my roommates, figuring out how everything operated and getting food for the first time. Though I’ d been hearing all my life how terrible the food was going to be once I was in college, to me it has been pretty good thus far, and I have managed not to gain the fabled “freshman 15” that gets talked about so much. Living in Lincoln means that I am joyously far from everything except the stadium and RPAC, so I’ve resolved to riding my bike around campus to find different places to eat, and I really like the Curl Market near Fisher, and usually eat at Scott Traditions when using my dining plan (and yes I am aware that there’s a Traditions location in Morrill but I’m not really all that impressed by the atmosphere and selection in there; once I saw that Scott has chinese and tacos I was sold).

I’ve found myself spending a lot of time in the RPAC, and I like going and burning off any stress from the day, or just taking a break from homework when I need to. At first it was a confusing place because there are so many more options available than in my basement, which boasts two sets of dumbells, a dip bar and a bench but only with one pair of weights. The first day I started pulling ropes, using medicine balls and just seeing other people do stuff, shrugging and saying “alright then, guess I’ll do that”. Eventually I became comfortable in there and have developed a good routine workouts, and as a result I’m in pretty good shape, which I am proud of.

Another big aspect of college is the new people. I have a lot of friends from high school who go here too but they all live in one building on two floors or whatever, so they all sort of do stuff and forget that I don’t also live there, and instead live a mile away. This does kind of bother me but on the upside I’ve met a lot of new people and made a good number of new friends, all of which are pretty cool! One rather huge change from high school to college is that there are girls here. Of course to many this seems to be a rather weird comment, but it makes sense when you find out I went to a all-boys high school. This having been said,for the first week it was quite weird looking over in class and seeing girls there. Not that it was a huge thing but I just said to myself “huh, weird” for the first few days. Beyond that initial shock I have not been freaked out by it or anything, I just thought it worth noting that it was a relatively new experience for me.

Besides all of these things, my classes are going pretty well so far. Didn’t make me too happy when I needed to fork over about $290 for two textbooks but I got over it. I’ve been getting homework and assignments done early and occupy my lengthy breaks between classes by going to the library or the Fisher basement, instead of going back to my dorm, because I know that if I did, I would fall asleep or never get anything done. I do enjoy all of my classes so far, as each is giving me new information and leaves me with something to think about. Actually, exclude math from that statement because it’s really things I’ve already learned about and it is a bit boring at times, but I get it done quickly! Otherwise there aren’t too many things to complain about class-wise.

One aspect of college that I enjoy is getting around everywhere. I have a bike so I like riding it around everywhere, giving me a workout and getting me from A to B simultaneously. To me it’s rather funny how I used to ride my bike everywhere, even absurd distances, before I got my driver’s license, and then I drove everywhere, but now I’m right back where I started and I just zip around everywhere on my beat-up old bike.

So that’s pretty much the gist of what’s been going on since I started college, the ins and outs of what I’ve been up to. Nothing wildly fascinating but certainly pretty cool and different than what I’m used to. I’m looking forward to everything that’s to come in the near future and updating this ePortfolio so that I have a solid personal fossil record to use when I write my memoirs, and with that said, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight.

(I’m going to work on a sign-off catchphrase, I think that would be a neat touch but until I work that out I guess I’ll just rip off the Truman Show.)

Year in Review

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