AEDE Scholarship Banquet

Through my hard work during my first year, I was able to be honored with the reception of a scholarship at the 2017 Agriculture, Environmental, and Development Economics Scholarship Banquet.  I was incredibly grateful to be recognized for my dedication to my studies this school year.  Standing by me in this picture is Jeff Harvey.  He and Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers were gracious enough to donate a scholarship to help me further my studies here in Columbus.  The entire banquet was a great event as it gave me an opportunity to personally thank Mr. Harvey for his generosity.  I am incredibly thankful to both Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers and the AEDE Department for both aiding me in receiving a top-notch education here at The Ohio State University.

About Me


Hi there, I am Justin Rindler. Currently, I am a first-year student majoring in Agribusiness and Applied Economics and am an International Affairs Scholar. I come from St. Henry, a small, farming community in midwest Ohio.  My hometown and my upbringing have helped me discover the ideals and principles which make me who I am today: principles of hard work, persistence, and dedication.  These values were taught to me through the many experiences I was a part of in my high school and community.

Many of my interests stem from the activities and opportunities I was lucky enough to be a part of during my years in high school. My passion for leadership comes from my time spent as team captain of our varsity football team, along with my autumns spent volunteering as a coach for a youth flag football league and my summers spent as a football camp counselor. My interest in the world and international relationships originates from my class trip to Europe where I spent two weeks learning about different cultures, political systems, and nations’ histories first hand. Because of the years I spent working on my family farm, I have always yearned to pursue my education further in the field of agriculture. These aspects of my life along with many others have shaped me into who I am today.

At Ohio State, my goals are to partake in new experiences that would have been impossible if I stayed in my hometown. I am able to not only further my education at a high caliber institution, but also interact with students from around the world. I hope to become more educated about different cultures through the International Affairs Scholars Program and through my time spent on campus.

I am eager to build the foundation of my professional career through my studies and my experiences and all that Ohio State has to offer.

Year in Review 2016-2017

My first year here has been absolutely incredible and memorable.  Never before have I been able to participate in so many new and exciting opportunities.  Throughout the year, I’ve met so many people, learned so much, and was able to partake in some interesting organizations.

Through being an International Affairs Scholar, I was able to partake in a wide array of events that I would never have gone out and done on my own if it wasn’t for my Scholar’s program.  Between the survey course and the myriad of events I attended, I learned about climate change, voluntourism, the refugee situation in Columbus, the 2016 election, and many, many other topics.  I was also able to interact with a group of students coming from a huge range of backgrounds and cultures.

Another great outcome of my first year is my acceptance into the first-year class honorary, ALD/PES. By being accepted into these two prestigious national honor societies, I became part of a student organization that prides itself in its ability to promote and acknowledge excellence in education. I look forward to the opportunity to become more involved around campus through this organization.

The organization I most eagerly look forward to furthering my involvement is Alpha Zeta Partners.  By being invited and accepted in this professional, agriculture honorary fraternity, I have already been able to learn a great deal about myself and how to improve my leadership skills by attending a leadership seminar this spring semester.  Next year will include a diversity and inclusion seminar, a six-week study abroad trip to Brazil where we’ll learn about the history, culture, and agriculture industry of Brazil, and a public policy and organizational leadership seminar in Washington D.C. over spring break. Between these events, regular meetings, philanthropy events, and everything else AZP is involved in, I am incredibly excited for the years to come with this organization.

I can’t imagine being at any other college besides The Ohio State University.  After my first year here, I am confident this place was the right pick for me.  The upcoming years will be some of the best years of my life and I am anxious to see where they all take me.


Debaters to represent candidates’ policies at Ohio State

During my time spent at The Ohio State University, I have been greeted with a multitude of opportunities for different clubs, organizations, and activities. One activity that I had the pleasure to attend was a debate about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s foreign affair policies. The debate took place in the middle of September and was put on by the Alexander Hamilton Society at the Moritz College of Law. This debate was an incredible experience for it was entertaining and lively but was very educational and professional.

I selected this artifact because it represents one of the many reasons why I am pursuing my degree here at Ohio State. This university is full of opportunities for me to learn a wide array of information: inside and outside of the classroom. The debate I attended perfectly exemplifies one of these opportunities. At the debate, I  learned an immense amount about both presidential candidates and their foreign policies. Both presenters were able to teach me so much I had not known previously about the election and about politics in general. During the debate, I also discovered my own unforeseen passion for politics. As an Agribusiness major, I am greatly interested in farming and management; however, this debate gave me a new appreciation for the American government and its political process.

I plan on taking this knowledge I have discovered about myself and using it to force myself to learn new topics and to try new experiences. My unexpected passion for my newfound interest shows me that I am yet to fully understand myself and that it is necessary for me to broaden my horizon. In the future, I plan to learn more about politics and government and possibly even implementing it into my future career.