Research and Internship Information

Tonight’s meeting was extremely helpful to me because it opened my mind to different opportunities.  I have always thought about doing research, but I didn’t know what it would take to start doing research or if I was the type of person to try to solve a problem that no one knew the answer to.  The guys who talked tonight was really helpful with enforcing the idea of stepping out of your comfort zone to make the most out of your experience and not just the minimum.  You are the main person who controls your experience.  The URO and advisers are just there to guide you to what you want to do.  I also really liked how they said to try research in something that may not be your major, but you are interested in because you might find out that is the path you want to do.  Buckeye Career Network seems like an extremely helpful website to find internships and research to initiate your goals.  The quote that was really inspirational at the end of the presentation was when one of the guys said “Work hard to make your grades impressive to open doors, but work twice as hard to make your grades the least impressive thing about you.”

-Renae Riley

How will STEP create your experience?

I’m really excited to see how the STEP program will help me with my choice in the Leadership category.  Without the STEP program, many people would not have motivation to take the extra step to work towards improving the community or even know where to start.  I feel that the leadership role will set me apart when applying for a job because it shows that I can take control of a situation and think further than what is presented in front of me.  It will be challenging to try to organize this, but in the long run it will be beneficial to the community and provide rare experience not many people are able to have.  The 2,000 dollars will help find the resources needed to create my organization, and hopefully benefit the community in a positive way.  I love being able to work with faculty because they have been through college and know a lot of different resources and connections to help find the right people in our area of interest.  Dr. Fus is awesome because he is laid back and willing to take time out of his schedule to discuss how we can get the most out of STEP.  Being able to have that person to go to for advice will help tremendously in accomplishing our goals.  One thing that I have learned from STEP so far is anything is possible.  We watched a short video about fifth graders trying to create community awareness about recycling.  Who would think that a class of fifth graders could have such an impact?  It makes you think that if they can make a difference, so can you so go with what you are passionate about and make a difference.


-Renae Riley