Global Awareness

   In addition to studying abroad at least once during my time here at Ohio State, I fully intend on expanding my global awareness through facets accessible here on campus. Currently, I am part of the APIDA Cohort which is a mentorship program that enables the Asian-American community to discuss and participate in social issues. Too, I volunteer for Asian-American Community Services (AACS), which is a non-profit organization that aims to empower Asian-American representation in politics and voting.

   Being a neuroscience major on the pre-med track, I crave incorporating additional humanities-based fields of interest into my academic life. Through pursuing a history minor, I desire to take discussion-based classes surrounding contemporary world issues as an another means of practicing global awareness. Also, I would like to reach a level of fluency in Spanish by furthering my knowledge in language classes and perhaps studying abroad or taking part in service trips in a Spanish-speaking country like Spain or Guatemala. A unique fellowship and mutual understanding accompanies being empathetic with others unlike ourselves, and I am thrilled to expand on this notion during these next four years and beyond.

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