My view on the G.O.A.L.S. of the Ohio State Honors & Scholars program:

  • Global Awareness: As a part of the Morrill Scholars Program, I have a strong commitment to furthering my own and others’ understanding of those other than themselves. This allows me to have a strong sense of global awareness because I am constantly thinking about how I can connect with others in terms of diversity and social justice, especially on a global scale. Another way I have a relationship with global awareness is through my Spanish major. Not only is learning another language something that instantly increases global awareness, but learning about other countries, for example Colombia and Paraguay, in Spanish in my Spanish class makes an environment where I can learn about countries I do not have connections to and carry with me a better understanding of the world as a whole. I hope to one day study abroad in México, which will allow me to have an even more personal connection to the broader Spanish-speaking world.
  • Original Inquiry: In my post-graduate life, I hope to go into sociology research and understand the current and future demographics of the United States. During my time in undergraduate education, I hope to purse undergraduate research into sociology, which will allow me to gain valuable experience that will help me succeed in not only getting into graduate schools that are focused on what I hope to research, but will help me succeed within the program itself and beyond the classroom and into the real world. In high school, I wrote a four thousand world extended essay for the International Baccalaureate program that was my first exploration into original inquiry and I truly enjoyed the experience of creating something new and informative out of a few sources and my own understanding and writing, so I know I will love working in original inquiry at Ohio State.
  • Academic Enrichment: I have been in higher level classes since as long as I can remember, and I am very proud of my commitment to challenging myself and working on ways to improve on the knowledge I already have. In terms of classes, I am focused on fully understanding the material in the class, as well as doing my own investigation into aspects of the class that I find interesting. I attribute that personal investigation to my natural curiosity as well as, the way it is described by the International Baccalaureate program, my commitment to lifelong learning.
  • Leadership Development: My first experiences with leadership were within my Girl Scout troop. Since then, I have been a leader in many aspects. I consider my largest leadership role completing my Girl Scout Gold Award, where I created the website MoreDiverse.com to help diverse readers find more diverse literature. I am still running the website to this day, and will until I can no long, and the leadership inherent to maintaining the site is something that will continue to evolve forever.
  • Service Engagement: Coming from a background of both Girl Scouts and Unitarian Universalism, I have always understood service to others as a requirement. As a student at Ohio State, I hope to not only help fellow Ohio State students, but also those in the broader Columbus and Ohio community. Whether this is through acting as a tutor, volunteering at food banks, or any other aspect of service, I know that I can make a positive impact on those around me through service.