Non-IA Event Reflection

This month I attended the Latinx women leaders trivia and informational event in Smith-Steeb. I enjoyed this event immensely, as it was a good balance of fun and educational. The trivia itself included the accomplishments of Latin women in a variety of professional fields. From Selena Quintanilla’s legacy in the Tejano music industry to the first ever Latina Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the impacts of these women were monumental and are helping to pave the way for Latin women to follow in their footsteps. Although short and somewhat informal, the importance of this event was not lost on me. As a proud member of the Latinx community myself, it was a bit shocking to me that I had never even heard of some of these women. Throughout my years at school, the subject of female professional accomplishments had barely even been touched upon, let alone the accomplishments of minority females. As International Affairs scholars, we should take advantage of events like these to further our understanding and acceptance of diversity. Learning about the monumental successes of these women can also create an incentive for students to seek out cross-cultural collaboration, integrate global perspectives into their work, and participate in a diverse workforce. These types of non-IA events serve as a great opportunity for students to socialize and meet others in and outside of the International Affairs group. The game/trivia aspects of the event promote teamwork and cooperation between students, which is also beneficial to the group as a whole. Unfortunately, due to the timing and general nature of college students, only a few people showed up and the event was much shorter than originally anticipated. Despite all of this, the ideas behind this event are incredibly important and should definitely be repeated in the future–and of course, free empanadas are always appreciated!