Standards and Best Practices

Begin with the Bin™ - Be Smart with Your Recycling & Garbage

  • OSHA actually cracking down on waste and recycling areas.
  • New inspections are started almost every day
    • A few years ago, companies paid an average of $800 per violation. Presently, the average is more towards $1800
  • ANSI Z245 Committee is dedicated to national industry standards in waste and recycling equipment, facilities, and operations
  • National Waste and Recycling Association (NWRA) offers numerous safety practices and processes for its members

Eureka Recycling

  • Identify what is recyclable
  • Know the difference between materials. Some are worth more than others.
  • Value Assessment

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Has lists of best practices and success stories from different areas (college campuses included)

Waste Management The Think Green Campus Model

Waste ManagementWM  Campus Map

  • In FY 2010, we achieved an average recycling rate of 45%, our highest rate to date and a three-fold increase from only three years earlier.
  • Excluding construction debris, total waste output has decreased by approximately one-third from about 3,653 tons in FY 2008 to about 2,457 tons in FY 2010.

Waste Totals

Waste and Recycling Breakdown